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Weekend Getaways Near Bolpur

Bolpur is one of the best tourist destination with various places to visit. You can also opt to travel nearby destinations that are equally famous for their natural beauty and unique lifestyle. From Bolpur you can opt to travel to various destinations to make your weekend special. One can visit deer parks, biological parks, hills, house of the great poets who have born nearby Bolpur City. Apart from these, there are Shaktipeethas to visit which are found to be the great religious attractions nearby. All in all, visiting different attractions inside and surrounding the Bolpur city gives you great pleasure and thereby makes your trip memorable. There are many major tourist destinations in and around the city of Bolpur, following are few of the destinations around the city, which are found to be the best places to make weekend trip from Bolpur.

Bolpur Tourism
Amaar Kutir

Travel to Bakreshwar from Bolpur

Bakreshwar is one among the best place which is located just 58 kilometers from Bolpur, and is known as another 'Satipitha'. This place is also popular for the temple called 'Bakranath Shiva temple'. Here you can find large numbers of hot water springs with varying temperatures. Also, the water pumps out through the sulphurous hot springs which have got the therapeutic value.

How to Reach Bakreshwar from Bolpur ?

Bakreshwar is just 40 kms away from Bolpur; and there are many direct trains and buses to reach Bakreshwar from Bolpur. If you travel by bus, it may take around 2-3 hours, while by train it may take more than 4-5 hours. Some other routes are from Howrah and Shiuri.

Visit Nanoor near Bolpur

Nanoor from Bolpur

There is one more excellent place near Bolpur called 'Nanoor'. This place is said to be the birth place of the poet 'Chandidas', who is popular for his work 'Vaishnava Padavalis'. There is also a temple which is dedicated to 'Devi Basuli' that is most often visited from the place known as 'Nanoor'. The place of Nanoor is found to be just 18 kms from the city of Bolpur.

How to Reach Nanoor from Bolpur ?

There are direct buses from Bolpur Bus Station to Nanur Police Station, that lies between just 22 kms and hardly takes 1-2 hours by bus. Also, you can reach Nanoor from Kolkata, but you need to hire local taxis or Cruiser from bus station of Kolkata, as there are no direct buses from Kolkata to Nanoor.

Shaktipeetas at Nalhati from Bolpur

Shaktipeetas at Nalhati from BolpurNalhati is another important tourist destination which is very popular for the pilgrimage known as 'Nalateswari Temple' that is just 75 kms away from the Bolpur city. The place is called as 'Nala' because this is the exact place where throat of Sati (wife of Lord Shiva) fell down. 'Nala' meaning 'Throat'. Also, sati's 'Lalat' (forehead) fell here. Apart from this, her body parts fell in various places and well-known as Shaktipeethas or Satipeethas. Along with this, one can find the tomb of Ana Pir Sahib that is established besides the temple. This holy place is located just 100 kms away from Bolpur.

How to Reach Nalhati from Bolpur ?

Nalhati is one among the great city to travel in the West Bengal State, which has no regular flights through any other major cities of the country to the city of Nalhati. One can reach the Netaji Subhas Chandra Airport which is the closest airport to Nalhati. It is very well-connected to many major cities of India through regular trains. If you wish to travel by bus, then you must get down at Malda, and move on picking the local taxis or any other private vehicles. However, it would be more convenient for you to travel by bus or trains, as there are direct buses and trains to the city of Nalhati. There are bus stations as well as railway junctions which are established in Nalhati, and can easily be reached from Bolpur. Also, you can visit this place through local vehicles to reach the place sooner.

Travel to Massanjore from Bolpur

Massanjore is dam, which is a beautiful attraction located in Dumka, Jharkhand. This is a beautiful site on River of Mayurakshi, at the amidst picturesque of the hilly landscape. This dam is approximately 75 kilometers from the city of Bolpur and has become a renowned tourist attractions of Dumka.

How to Reach Massanjore from Bolpur ?

To reach Massanjore, one can travel from Shiuri which is the nearest station from Bolpur. No matter you are traveling by bus or trains, you can stop by Shiuri to reach this attraction of Massanjore. This place is just 40 kms from the city of Shiuri, and you'll find regular buses from Shiuri to Massanjore as well as cars on rent. While, there are also direct trains and buses from Bolpur to Massanjore, which is around 62 kms, and takes about 3 and 1/2 hours approximately to reach this place of Massanjore. If you visit this place by car or taxi, you can reach within 2 and 1/2 hours, it all depends upon the traffic and the speed that your driver maintains.

Plan a Trip to Deer Park from Bolpur

Ballabhpur Wildlife Sanctuary is established within the Ballavpur forest range that is equally adjacent to the Shantiniketan. This Ballavpur Danga Village is found to be 3 kms away from the Shantiniketan of West Bengal. There is also a very simple village that is filled with the Santhal tribal community as well as the natural surroundings. The natural surroundings along with the unique lifestyle of the Santhal tribe makes the village look different from others. Along with the excursion trip via Ballavpur Danga village, you can plan the trip to this exciting deer park that is just 2 kms away from the village and 4 kms from Bolpur.

Deer Park from Bolpur

Ballabhpur Wildlife Sanctuary is currently the large wooded area that consists of lots of herbs for the deer and creates a natural bird sanctuary. While the park is found to be a home for different types of deer and birds. There are even few kinds of towers from where you can observe the entire place, and any nature-enthusiast can watch and enjoy the charming green beauty of the thick green forest.

How to Reach Deer Park from Bolpur ?

Deer Park is well-connected by taxis, autos or through cabs from Bolpur or Shantiniketan. If you wish to travel by bus, there are DTC bus services from Delhi and other neighboring states. There is also an IGI airport nearby this Park, which is found to be just 11 kms. One can also choose the Green Park Metro Station, to reach this park by traveling in train. However, it is easy to travel this park from Bolpur, which is hardly 3-4 kms and takes just 15 minutes to reach this place by private vehicles. Therefore, it is better to travel this city of Bolpur from any parts of India via bus or trains, and then catch the private vehicles to reach the place of Ballabhpur Wildlife Sanctuary or Deer Park.

Enjoy in Shyor Bithi Culture Park from Bolpur

Tourists can visit this beautiful park of Shyor Bithi Culture Park from Bolpur. This is one of the wonderful children park, which lets children play and enjoy in the green environment. The children park consists of several statues, as well as rocking cradles, along with the swings, and so on. One can find the natural beauty with pleasant surroundings that charms any persons. Tourists can experience the natural beauty in the pleasant surroundings that brings charm on people's face. Visitors can have some delicious coffee at the small coffee stalls at this park; even people can move to the beautiful sun-deck where travelers enjoy cup of tea or coffee or cold drinks along with some snacks here.

How to Reach Shyor Bithi Culture Park from Bolpur ?

This Shyor Bithi Culture Park is located on the northern side of the Bolpur city as well as lies between Shantiniketan and Phuldanga Prantik. And the place is just 1 kms from the city of Taltore. So, first reach Taltore from Kolkata by any means of transport, then choose either buses, trains as well as cars or taxis to reach this park. Also, you can reach this Shyor Bithi Culture Park from Bolpur, which is too near and can be reached in just 10-20 minutes via private vehicles. So, first you need to reach Bolpur by any means of transport like buses or railways. Then from the bus station or railway station, you can catch the local taxis and visit to this park in few minutes.

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